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Bradford Family Chiropractic Special !

 $50 for One Hour Massage Every Tuesday!  

Our Massage therapy staff are available six days a week to provide relief for muscle spasm and swelling, as well as to help with stimulation of nerve impulses and relaxation. Our talented team of therapists has experience in techniques including deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, pre and post natal massage, sports massage, and swedish massage. They are fully licensed in the state of Georgia. Everyone can benefit from a professional massage.

 Deep Tissue Massage

A gentle, hands-on session of therapeutic body work during which the fascia (connective tissue) is manipulated and stretched to relieve restrictions and tension. This therapy is an art form and the therapist performing Myofascial Release can actually feel the body respond to the treatment and can ease any restrictions that they feel. This gentle technique has helped many people overcome long term chronic pain problems, even after they’ve been told they have to “live with it”, or that there’s nothing that can be done for them.

Sports Massage

With regular massage, athletes can prevent injuries which might otherwise be caused by overuse. Sports Massage is specific treatment performed on an athlete’s muscles, tendons, and fascia to normalize flexibility, restore function, speed recovery, and remove scar tissue. It is a vital component of injury treatment protocols in conjunction with Sports Chiropractic care, and is especially helpful with recovery form training and racing.

Hot Stone Massage

Deep penetrating heat from smooth, warmed stones heal and revitalize the body. This soothing, relaxing form of massage helps the tight muscles release and improves circulation and joint mobility. Imaging relaxing in this warm environment, while oiled stones glide with strokes of acupressure massage, over your entire body. Come and enjoy this nurturing touch today!

Pre and Post Natal Massage

As a mother-to-be you undergo dramatic physical and emotional changes, a therapeutic touch is just what you need to adapt to your new image. Massage therapy helps in many ways…improves circulation, which helps decrease edema, leg cramps and varicose veins. Massage can aid in the reduction of excess fluids, guiding fluid into circulation where it can be easily eliminated, and relieves the mental and physical fatigue associated with pregnancy. Regular massage therapy, during pregnancy and postpartum weeks, can help you cope with the demands of your new life and provide a bit of peace and tranquility. Prenatal pillows are used to allow for stomach lying for ultimate comfort.

Swedish Massage

This full body massage is a firm, but gentle approach to improve circulation, ease muscle aches and tension, improve flexibility and create relaxation. The long gliding stokes toward the heart enhances oxygen flow in blood and helps rid the body of toxins. The Swedish Massage promises to promote relaxation, a sense of well being and healing.


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