Chiropractic Testimonials

“Dr Ray and the entire office is extremely caring and professional. One of the best chiropractors I've seen. I've been a patient for 15+ years. They've always taken good care of us. The physical therapy/massage staff is fabulous. Everyone there has such a positive attitude. So happy they're in East Cobb.”

- Dawn H.

“I have been a patient of Bradford Family Chiropractic for well over a year now. I have a number of issues ranging from GI to migraine, and have found Dr. Michelle, Dr. Ray, Kristie, Susan, CC and the rest of the staff to be knowledgeable, friendly, and incredibly empathetic. Flexibility--both with my schedule and after my adjustments--is never a problem with this group; the nature of my maladies dictates how I will feel any given day and both CC and Dr. Michelle are quick to accommodate.

It is obvious from the level of attention and recall of details from prior visits that these people genuinely care about making sure you feel your best. I have even convinced my spouse, who had sworn never to visit a chiropractor after a bad experience with another practice several years ago, to start visiting Dr. Michelle--both he and my toddler are now regular patients there.

I cannot say enough positive things about this practice, and will continue to highly recommend them to my family, friends, and co-workers”.

- Vanessa S.

“Cannot recommend this place highly enough. Dr. Ray (and others) takes time to listen to your needs and treats you accordingly with a multi-faceted approach of adjustments, stretching, massage, etc. You are not nickeled-and-dimed on these services...they truly want you to get better. The entire staff is wonderful to interact with - nice, pleasant, happy, normal people! About 17 or 18 years ago when I was young and very active, they "fixed" a neck issue that an MD told me would limit me for the rest of my life. 5 members of my family and some of my employees are patients and are all extremely pleased with the great care they are given.”

- Brook B.

“I am so grateful for Bradford Family Chiropractic! I have been a patient for 22 years. The staff is so friendly, caring and warm!! The office is always so beautifully decorated, warm and inviting-- and very festive on Holidays.... decor done by Dr. Ray's sweet wife, Crystie Gaskey. I just love being there!! Dr. Ray takes excellent care of me. He is always thorough and takes his time with my assessments, no matter how busy he is. He answers my questions , explains my conditions prior to treating me and gives me peace of mind addressing all of my concerns-- on top of being funny and fun! He's an amazing chiropractor. He has taken care of my whole family for over 2 decades. There have been days when dr Ray was not in the office and I've been in desperate need of pain relief and Dr Paul took me right in and took care of me and treated me with fantastic care as if I was his own patient. He is such a wonderful doctor and a kind, caring person, too. And, Dr. Michelle is an awesome addition to the group! She is an incredible doctor and she is so sweet and easy to talk to. She's taken great care of me in physical therapy!

I'm grateful for the way the team always take care of every patient, no matter what! The physical therapy/massage team rocks too! The approach of combining adjustment/physical therapy works so successfully for me to achieve pain relief. Overall, they are an extraordinary team taking incredible care of their patients! I feel blessed to be in their care!!!”

- Kristen S.

“Been going here since I was 3 years old and would never think about going anywhere else . Dr.Ray is the best in the game . Don't forget to see Kristy for a massage too. Brought my fiancé in and after his adjustment and massage he has never felt better but you have to continue to go regularly . I look forward to every visit . The office is nice and clean, the staff is always friendly , and you will get a doctor that genuinely cares about your health .”

- Kaliee A.

“I have been a patient of Bradford Family Chiropractic since inception. The staff of BFC, in particular Dr Raymond Gaskey, has assisted me with improving my golf swing (my golf game is still not improved but my swing is pain free and my arms are both the same length) The staff of BFC has helped with alleviating any lower back pain due to my sitting at my desk/ computer as a Certified Public Accountant for too many hours and due to my sitting in the car too long during travel to sporting events. However today's visit was the best ever. I have been travelling all fall to football games, climbing bleachers, and most importantly standing at family tailgates as well standing on cheering for my favorite team. My 55 year old body had me hobbling today and I called the helpful scheduling personnel at (770) 552-7979 and they told me what time to be there to get worked in. I was seeing Dr. Raymond Gaskey at the exact time that was scheduled then he assessed the situation, made my adjustments, had Dr Michelle as well as Dr Paul & staff and I stood up not hobbling my way back to the office. Another successful visit to a group that I consider SIMPLY THE BEST. All days are great, some are just more great. Today is a more great day especially due to BFC!”

- David M.

“Dr. Ray has helped me get through so much! Without his I was a "hot mess"
He listens takes the time needed and taught me so much about living with Fybromalgia and the many issues that go along with it!”

- Ginny H.

“Dr. Paul is a fantastic chiropractor- he keeps me mobile and moving and pain free. Truly grateful for him keeping my spine in line and healthy. The spine is your lifeline - keep it healthy - get adjusted!”

- Melissa H.

“My family loves Bradford Family Chiropractic!! They are always friendly and helpful! I have a history of back issues and Dr. Paul helps to keep my pain in check!”

- Tammy V.

“Thanks, Dr. Michelle! Finished the Hot Chocolate 5k, my fastest finish so far! Couldn't have done it without ya!”

- Sarrah J.

“Learned about Bradford Chiropractic from Judy M. Have gone twice and have had a wonderful experience. The staff is very understanding and supportive getting me back in order after a long trip.”

- Mike V.

“I've been receiving chiropractic care since 2000. Best thing ever! I love the holistic approach as everyone that knows me .... it's how I roll! Thank you Dr. Ray for all the times you've saved me.”

- Carrie B.

“Great and friendly staff. Dr Paul has been really helpful.”

- Rachel H.

“I've been with Bradford Family for almost 25 years and now my children and grandchildren go. I trust them with my entire family!”

- Anita R.

“Dr. Paul is a lifesaver! And it's almost my birthday and that means time for me to schedule my birthday massage with one of your awesome therapists!!”

- Carrie M.

“Our family loves Bradford Family Chiropractic! I love the fact that they integrate so many different techniques to treat patients. They are definitely not a one size fits all practice. They take the time to really figure out what is going on with each individual patient and adjust the treatment accordingly. So grateful for them!!”

- Amy D.

“Our family has used chiropractors for years and Dr. Ray is one of the best! The practice is extremely professional and always attentive. I have been going to Dr. Ray for about four years and am very pleased having him as a partner in health.”

- Donna B.

“Bradford Family Chiropractic is the best chiropractor I have been to. The staff is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and helpful! I wouldn't go anywhere else!”

- Julie L.

“My family have been patients at Bradford Family Chiropractic for nearly 20 years. Needless to say we trust Dr Ray and his awesome staff. Our youngest son has been receiving chiropractic care since he was an infant therefore he reacts very favorably to treatments. Also in his 17 years of life has only been on antibiotics 3 times in his life. We highly recommend Bradford for your health”

- Collen T.

“Awesome chiropractic. Have been clients for over 20 years.”

- Cheralee R.

“Family oriented, caring, thourough. They take care of you aches and pains from sports, trauma, work, or play taking time to make sure pain diminishes and mobility improves. Dr Paul and Dr Ray are wonderful. The staff is fantastic; no insurance woes. The massage therapists are the best!”

- Julia B.

“My family and I have been going to Ray over 5 years now. We absolutely love them. I recommend Bradford to everyone. The staff is friendly and the therapists are great. You won't find anyone better and I have been to other chiropractors.”

- Jennifer D.

“Dr Ray and his staff are amazing healers. My daughter has decided to peruse a career in chiropractic care because of Dr Ray”

- Pam R.

“I came and got adjusted, by Dr. Paul, because my sinuses were acting up and I was having a headache all day. He did an excellent job, headache gone, and sinuses under control. Thank you Dr. Paul, and I will be back.”

- Jason W.

“Great doctors and awesome facility!!!! Everyone is great!!”

- Lindsey R.

“Dr. Ray and his staff are exceptional. They are knowledgeable, kind, and understanding. Dr. Ray listens well in order to accurately diagnose your problem. He is thorough in his explanations and treatments, and is remarkably helpful no matter what type of pain you may be experiencing. I highly recommend Bradford Family Chiropractors!!”

- Allison L.

“Bradford Family Chiropractic is the most amazing office EVER!! They truly care about their patients health and wellbeing and sure know how to have a good time as well. The ladies night out was FANTASTIC!!! Tons of food, fun, and friends!! Thank you so much for having us out!!! We were absolutely thrilled to be able to share the power of #juiceplus with your clients!!”

- Rachel B.

“Big Peach Running Co. had a great time with our friends from Bradford Family Chiropractic at their Ladies Night on September 16th. Lots of people and great energy equals a GOOD TIME! We'll see you at the next event!”

- Steve D.

“To be honest, I was skeptical of chiropractic care until I visited this office. Now I completely trust this practice and their advice. Dr. Ray is so knowledgeable and patient, always educating me on my aches and pains and helping me understand how to better care for my health. Their care helps me keep up with the active lifestyle we enjoy! The staff is easy to work with and it is easy to schedule appointments with their varied schedule."

- Leigh S.

“Dr. Ray and staff are the best! My entire family and I have been patients for 16+ years. We didn't really understand chiropractic so we didn't believe in it, but we decided to give it a try when my 9 month old son had recurring ear infections, and antibiotics weren't helping. Sure enough, even after his first visit with Dr. Ray, my son was able to start fighting off the infection, and never had another one after that. I was so glad we didn't put tubes in his ears, which is what the medical doctors are so quick to recommend. Dr. Ray has helped my husband after he was sore from a car accident, and Dr. Ray and Dr. Paul have both helped me when I threw my back out. Kristie in their office is the best massage therapist ever. They are all simply the best!”

- Cricket P.

“I came here with a very bad back. I was at the point that simply walking was a painful experience. I had tried other chiros and acupuncture plus the orthopedic doctors. After the third visit I really felt better and within two months I was moving about with little to no pain.

Dr. Ray mixes chiropractic adjustments with massage therapy and easy to do physical therapy exercises. He really knows what he is doing and I would highly recommend anyone with back or neck pain to go here.”

- Charles O.

“Dr. Michelle Oz is simply wonderful. She has an uncanny ability to put you at ease, especially if you are new to chiropractic and perhaps a bit nervous. I find her to be easy going, trustworthy, and, most importantly, completely dedicated to her patients. If you are looking for a chiropractor who takes her time with you, really listens to your needs and concerns and who can deliver an amazing adjustment, she is the Doc for you! Thank you, Dr. Oz!”

- Keely S.

“Dr. Ray and his staff are awesome!!! I can always get an appointment and there is no waiting.

He is very professional,m personable, and explains things in a way to make you understand.

It is a very relaxed and comfortable atmosphere!!
I highly recommend Bradford Family Chiropractic!!!”

- Blake A.

“I've been going to Bradford Family Chiropractic for several years. They helped me recover from a major auto accident as well as several sports injuries. The staff is phenomenal (they feel like family), and they genuinely care about your health and prescribe a wide range of treatments for a total body health program.”

- Bart M.

“In addition to being a very professional group, they are all very warm and welcoming. I have only seen Dr. Michelle so far and she is terrific. She spends a great deal of time and does very gentle but effective adjustments. Christie does a great massage as well!! So glad I happened upon this group and recommend them highly.”

- Lauren M.

“The Doctors and staff are very professional and friendly. I visited this practice because I was having severe leg pain. The cause was identified day one and treatment was administered, including massage therapy. Exercises were also prescribed. Within a couple of weeks the pain had subsided and was completely gone within a month. I have continued the daily exercises and have remained pain free for over seven months.”

- Dave M.

“I had a chronic shoulder injury that I was dealing with from repetitive stress of my job. After working with Dr. Michelle, not only was the pain gone but I noticed how much of my function was restored. I am so thankful that she was able to help me and have no idea where I would be without her. I have been to many chiropractors before but none have taken the time and attention she did through the process. I also appreciated her professionalism. I highly suggest her for any spinal or extremity needs.”

- Karen K.

“I can't recommend Dr. Michelle enough. She adjusted me to help with some neck pain that I was having. Her adjustments were gentle and comfortable and I started noticing results immediately. She's great with kids and moms too. Seriously, if you're looking for a chiropractor go see Dr. Michelle at Bradford Family Chiropractic.”

- Brett M.

“Dr. Ray Gaskey is extremely knowledgeable, using gentle manipulation along with other forms of therapy to approach injury and pain in a holistic view. Staff massage therapists are excellent to compliment Dr. Ray's work and provide complete relief and well being. All staff members are kind, caring and courteous. Outstanding chiropractic care!”

- Diane A.

“I love coming here and always feel better when I leave! Both Dr. Ray and Dr. Michelle have taken such good care of me. They always take the time to listen to what is going on and work with me to get me back to 100%. The entire staff is super friendly and knowledgeable, they really make the overall experience a great one!”

- Lori B.

“Great team of Doctors and massage therapists. Not your run of the mill chiropractor. These folks also specialize in other areas as well. “

- Thomas B.

“Dr. Michelle provided excellent care for me after my accident. She was cautious about treating some of my injuries which showed that she exemplified someone who cared about doing the job right. I feel that they care and are willing to do whatever it takes to correct a situation.”

- Karl B.

“Dr. Michelle is an extremely kind and caring doctor. She tailors each adjustment to exactly suit your needs, and is very thorough and specific in her approach. I would highly recommend her for any chiropractic needs.”

- Steve S.

“Dr. Michelle is a fantastic chiropractor who is compassionate, knowledgeable, and effective. She will take the time to do a thorough exam and then tailor a treatment plan that is specific to your needs. I cannot speak highly enough of her and the staff. This is the place you need to be for chiropractic care.”

- Chris L.

“I love seeing Dr. Ray and his team! I've been coming here for a year now and everyone is always so happy and friendly. I have never been a big fan of chiropractic work, but Dr. Ray was patient with me until I was comfortable. Throughout my year here I have experienced significant improvements due to their expertise. I would strongly recommend their team!”

- Alex H.

“Bradford Family Chiropractic is amazing. I've been to several chiropractors before but Dr. Michelle really is the best. She listens to your complaints and then fixes them with great adjustments and therapies customized to your needs. I highly recommend this office to everyone.”

- Cecilia P.

“Dr. Michelle is such a compassionate and knowledgeable doctor. She really takes the time to listen to any concerns and answers any questions you may have. She particularly an amazing extremity adjuster. I would highly recommend seeing her if you are in the area!”

- Kyle C.

“Everyone is extremely nice! You get excellent service as well. I have been going here for 17 years and every time I leave I feel better than when I walked in. After having such a great Dr like Dr. Ray I would never go anywhere else.”

- Kailee P.

“I highly recommend the excellent Doctors and Staff at Bradford Family. They truly care about your health!”

- Margaret L.

“Great family practice. Office staff and Doctors are always friendly and knowledgeable!”

- Jason H.

“Dr. Ray and the staff are great! They are very caring and professional. I highly recommend them!”

- Broc S.

“Great office to work with some great docs, front staff was amazing too. Really takes care of my pain problems.”

- Doug C.

“Highly recommend! The doctors are very knowledgeable and really go out of their way to educate patients. The whole staff is very welcoming, definitely a great experience.”

- Nichole M.

“Wonderful Family Chiropractic! I see Dr. Michelle for my bi-weekly visits. She always makes me feel so much better after each adjustment. I couldn't ask for a better Chiropractor. I feel so at home here.”

- Heather L.

“I would recommend Bradford Family Chiropractic to anyone. Their care for me has been outstanding. When my orthopedic surgeon could not fix my problem I found relief with Dr. Michelle. For my every day aches and pains there is no better masseuse than Kristie. The Bradford Family Chiropractic practice is staffed with professional people, who care for their patients.”

- Doug E.

“Dr. Ray has been our family chiropractor for 15 years. He has seen our two adopted newborns as soon as we brought them home, helped save the life of our youngest son who had a breathing problem, treated me through some serious medical and orthopaedic surgeries, a car accident, stroke and so many other issues. Through it all, he is endlessly positive, superbly knowledgable, exceptionally kind, and so very giving. His talented massage staff have magic hands. We are so very blessed to know him and this practice.”

- Mary D.

“I've been seeing Dr ray for over 15 years! Best chiropractor in east Cobb!! Love Kristie, Aimee & Naomi!! Awesome place!!”

- Kim B.

“Dr. Michelle is the best. She is very caring but also very clinically astute. She did a very thorough exam and detailed treatment plan. The staff is awesome. The office is very warm and inviting. The group utilizes the latest technology and therapies for their patients. I highly recommend the office and in particular Dr. Michelle.”

- Kelly P.

“This is the best chiropractor to go to. They go above and beyond to help you feel better, and stay better! I highly recommend!! They are all so down to earth and compassionate. They are an amazing bunch of folks! You don't feel like you're going to the doctor. When you walk in it's nice and homey. I love Bradford Family Chiropractic!”

- Abbi M.

“This is THE most incredible office. We moved away from the East Cobb area years ago, but we still drive almost an hour to be at Bradford Chiropractic. I wouldn't ever consider going somewhere else. The personal care given to us is incredible. Dr Ray is so incredibly knowledgeable and thorough in his work. He is such a great educator and will leave you with a detailed understanding of what you need to do to improve your health, better than my favorite doctors and physical therapists. (As his patient, you will love his analogies. He has the perfect one for every situation.)

Today, I met Dr Michelle, who is new with the practice. I would absolutely return to her again. Her communication was just my style, and she certainly knows her stuff. She worked magic on my injury today.

The whole staff at this office is first class. I always love when my chiropractic appointment includes a little massage therapy and stretching.

Saying thank you is not sufficient. Dr Ray and his staff have changed the quality of life for everyone in our family. I hope you know how much we all appreciate you.”

- Jenni O.

"I moved to buckhead and still drive here because they are the best!! So professional, so nice... And cured my migraines !! Love you Dr. Paul!! "

- Stephanie P.

"Dr. Ray and his Staff really makes you feel like you are a part of the Bradford Family! His warm bedside manner and professionalism make him stand out over other doctors that I've seen in the past. Thank you Dr.Ray!."

- Deb H.

" Dr. Ray is incredible. Every time I have an ache or sore spot, I call the office. They fit me in immediately and I get treated as soon as I can get to their office. The care is incredible. The entire staff plays a role in the treatment process. Dr. Ray doesn't only perform the adjustment, he tells you possible reasons for the discomfort and things I can do in order to avoid it in the future. Incredible chiropractor and the staff is amazing. I cannot imagine there is a better chiropractic clinic around.."

- Adam C.

" Dr. Ray and his staff at Bradford are simply the BEST!! I've been going to Bradford forever and wouldn't think about going anywhere else. Dr. Ray spends as much time as possible listening to your concerns, unlike other doctors that rush in and out. The office is beautifully decorated and always very clean! ."

- Cathy D.

" Awesome experience! Both Dr Ray and Dr Paul are very knowledgeable and care is tailored to each patient, based on need. Felt very comfortable and well taken care of after adjustment, as well as great soft tissue work! Would definitely recommend to friends and family."

- Grayson P.

" I can't say enough amazing things about Dr. Ray and his team! I'm always welcomed with a smile and then Dr. Ray always takes his time to listen and address my aches and pains. Aimee consistently works her magic to make me feel like new after my adjustment and if you are in need of a massage, Gabby and Kristy are the best!"

- Ondrea D.

"Dr Ray has been not just the only chiropractor that I will go to , but one of a very select group of doctors that I trust with my family and my own health decisions . He has always been the person I can see and talk to when i have a health issue, chiropractic or not. For anyone looking for someone who actually cares about their patients and will listen to you and tell you when he can and when he can't help you , Dr Ray is someone to consider"

- Diane P.

" Thanks to everyone at Bradford Family Chiropractic! After a couple of visits with Dr Ray, my neck pain vanished. He also taught me some stretches that I now do at home. No matter what your problem is, Dr Ray is the one to see! Thanks again for the great experience!!"

- Anthony C.

"I cannot say enough wonderful things about Bradford Family Chiropractic! After seeing Ray for adjustments, and Gabby's wonderful massages, I finally have found relief and ways to manage my back and neck pain! I work in the Dental profession and I am constantly experiencing nagging back pain . Ray and Gabby have got me on the right track to a healthy back! Thanks to all at Bradford Family Chiropractic!"

- Sandra M.

"What a wonderful miracle worker Dr Ray was ! I came into office in extreme pain, after a deep tissue massage and adjustment by Dr Ray I felt like a new person. I cant believe the time and care I was given , it was amazing . Dr Ray even showed me things I could do at home to help with my problem. Thank you so much I am so grateful for such wonderful care I was given . Also the office is beautiful and immaculately kept and the office staff so helpful and polite"

- Ridico R.

"I had a severe injury to my neck about 6 years ago and my boss recommended Bradford Chiropractic and I have been seeing Dr. Ray ever since. I love that you always get a mini-massage after the adjustment. Dr. Ray always takes lots of time every session before adjustments to assess the issue properly. I don't know of any other office that does that, most just get you on the table adjust you and send you on your way. He will usually give "homework" exercises to do too, not sure I am always happy about it, but I know it helps! On a side note, I live in Waleska and while the office is close to my job, I will drive to Marietta, about 30 miles, if I need to. The staff there are always very friendly and helpful. Would never think of going anywhere else!"

- Mary M.

"I don't know what I was waiting for. I had been dealing with a bad shoulder and neck problem for over 7 months . My other doctor was useless to say the least. Dr Gaskey was able to not only explain what the problem was , but after 2 weeks , I fell almost as good as i did before this all started . Thanks"

- Pete S.

"My family has been going to Bradford Family Chiropractic since my 2 children were ages 4 and 6. They're now 21 and 23, and still go to see Dr. Ray. husband and I haven't aged at all, but it is probably mostly because we see Dr. Ray on a regular basis. Yes, that's how good a chiropractor he is...or maybe it's his awesome massage therapy staff.

Oh, we've seen Dr. Paul in a pinch, too, and...he never pinches! In fact, not a one of the staff at Bradford Family has EVER pinched us. Pushed, prodded, done weird things with thumbs (all good) but NEVER pinched. Only given us awesome adjustments and massages. Seriously, my whole family LOVES, LOVES, LOVES Bradford Family Chiropractic. My younger daughter introduced us to chiropractic when she participated in a year-long research study at Life U. on kids with autism. (A group in which she avidly participates.)

At study's end, we were told that Bradford Chiropractic was THE place to go to continue her care. My daughter has difficulty in public situations, but she loves her weekly appointment with Dr. Ray and friends (aka staff). She acts like they're family and that the office is a home away from home. Over the years, our whole family has successfully overcome pain from car accident injuries and repetitive motion/overuse injuries under the care of Dr. Ray and staff.

I, personally, went from debilitating migraines to no migraines under the care of doctors at Bradford Family Chiropractic! One other thing you should family lives in Smyrna right off a road many locals jokingly refer to as "chiropractor row;" but we travel 19.79 miles to go to the one and only Bradford Family Chiropractic. They. Simply. Rock."

- Nannette S.

"I love Dr. Ray. My family has seen him since 2001. Great with kids and adults."

- Ginger M.

"I have been using Dr. Ray (and on occasion, Dr. Paul) before he bought Bradford Family Chiropractic. I'd follow that man anywhere. He is absolutely terrific. I tell him where it hurts and he knows exactly what to do to relieve my pain. I've NEVER walked out of his office without feeling much much better.

I used to have migraines and thankfully, I haven't had one for years. He's always happy, he always has a smile on his face, he never hurries me along-he takes all the time that's needed for me. The massage therapists and receptionists are just as knowledgeable and nice.

The office always feels and looks like it was just cleaned right before I walk in and Dr. Ray's wife does all the decorating, especially seasonally-very tasteful. Don't know what I'd do (other than be miserable) if it weren’t for Dr. Ray. I'd recommend him to ANYONE!!! "

- Patrice G.

"Dr. Ray and his staff are the most professional, friendly, and family oriented practice in the Marietta area. I would recommend them to everyone."

- Tommy T.

"My kids and I have been patients for about 3 years now. I switched from my chiropractor of 25 years to Dr. Ray and don't regret anything. Very friendly, professional. Massages are the BEST!!!!!"

- Jennifer D.

"Dr. Ray is the best and his staff are friendly and attentive. I always feel better physically and emotionally when I leave! Thanks, everyone!"

- Sherry S.

"I had neck pain between my head and right shoulder for 9 months. After visiting Bradford Family Chiropractic my pain disappeared within 4 weeks of treatment. Dr. Ray Gaskey and his massage therapists were able to help me feel like a new person. Getting rid of the constant pain changed my whole demeanor, making me a much happier person! The office is beautiful with a calming atmosphere and the staff are friendly and helpful. I highly recommend Dr. Gaskey and his fantastic staff to anyone seeking chiropractic medicine."

- Caroline P.

"My favorite chiropractor I've ever had. I thoroughly enjoy every visit and ALWAYS feel better afterwards."

- Chuck M.


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