Why We All Need To Be Drinking More Water Marietta GA Chiropractor Explains

Why We All Need To Be Drinking More Water Marietta GA Chiropractor Explains

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Benefits Of Drinking Water

Our bodies need water in Marietta GA to survive and thrive. Most sources say that you should consume half of your body weight in ounces of water. For example, if you weigh 140 pounds, you should be consuming 70 ounces of water per day. If you’re drinking coffee or caffeinated beverages, you may require more water. You know you should drink water, but are you doing it? If you’re not, here are some reasons why you may want to start.

  1. Water can help with headaches. The fluid surrounding the brain requires water. Depletion of water can lead to headaches and even dizziness.
  2. Your joints and muscles require water especially when working out. If you’re not drinking enough water before, during, and after your workout, you could feel the joint pain set in.
  3. Water gives you energy. Have you ever felt lethargic during the day for no reason? If so, try drinking a bottle of cold water and see how your energy rises.
  4. Water helps with food cravings. Studies have shown that a lot of people tend to confuse hunger with being thirsty. A lot of the time the cravings can creep up because you’re thirsty.
  5. It can help promote weight loss. Drinking a full glass of water before a meal and during a meal can help you feel full faster and help avoid overeating.
  6. It helps relieve constipation and allows for healthy bowel movements.
  7. Water flushes out toxins and allows for healthier-looking skin.

Choose water over sugar in Marietta GA

Trade in those sweet drinks for more water. Water is hydrating, refreshing, natural, and ZERO calories. Typical soft drinks can cause weight gain, and bloating, are loaded with sugar and have been proven to have toxic chemicals that are harmful to the body. You are what you put into your body. Give your body something it can use. You won’t regret it. Grab a bottle of cold or room temperature water in our office following an adjustment.

-Dr. Michelle


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