Marietta GA Chiropractor Talks About What’s wrong with the media and health?

Marietta GA Chiropractor Talks About What's wrong with the media and health?

Marietta Chiropractor Talks About Improving Your Health

As I do most mornings, I like to read over the ” health” section of my Google home page. In doing so today, I come across a topic discussing the latest study on migraine headaches and our understanding of their triggers. I won’t bore anyone with the specifics, but in short, each article briefly summarizes what a migraine is and how it is typically treated. The common treatment noted in all but one of these articles is prescription alternatives (drugs) used for migraines. Only one article mentioned “alternative” therapies such as herbal treatments. NO ONE mentioned more mainstream alternatives like Chiropractic in Marietta GA, massage, and physiotherapy. Now I know that you may say to yourself that maybe they didn’t mention these because these treatments don’t work. In answer to that, one can simply do a little further googling to discover enough evidence to support these treatments as viable alternatives to medical treatments. If one were a more savvy internet researcher, you may even come across a recent 2011 research article like the one below.

Chiropractic Research in Action in Marietta GA

( that actually compares these drugs to the use of Chiropractic, Massage, and Physiotherapy and found All Three to be “equally efficient” in the management of migraines. So I ask again is the media in general just too lazy to dig a little deeper or maybe they, like many people, are biased in thinking that you need a drug for every disease?

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